PAR is a multi-institutional data-mining collaborative that requires active engagement and collaboration on the part of its members to maximize benefits of participation. Some of the benefits of participation include:

  • Descriptive reports; institutionally reflective benchmark reports of the profiles at the course, modality, program, degree, and institution level.
  • Actionable predictive models; leveraging modeling techniques including clustering, decision trees, and dimensionality reduction to identify the factors that most impact student success.
  • Comparative interventions; field tests.
  • Participation in a collaborative community of experts.

To join PAR, your institution will be asked to:

  • Execute a Membership Participation Agreement to participate, which includes, but is not limited to, the ability to gain approval to extract anonymized student and course data for integration into the PAR dataset.
  • Obtain approval from your Institutional Research Board (IRB) for participation in the federated PAR dataset research.
  • Support the engagement of at least one senior administrator and one senior data professional to work with the PAR core team and collaborate with all institutional partners. Participation from a senior IT/IR staff member will ensure reliability and validity of data, records, and reports, as well as facilitate access to SIS, LMS, and other student data sources, and provide focus on generating meaningful reports relevant to supporting institutional decision-making.

Thank you for your institution’s interest in participating in the PAR Framework. In order to begin the conversation, please fill out the form below to indicate your interest.