The North Dakota University System (NDUS) Joins PAR

The PAR Framework team is pleased to announce the North Dakota University System (NDUS) and 10 of its institutions are joining the University of North Dakota (UND) as members of the PAR Framework. The decision to join PAR as a complete system comes as part of an ambitious 5-year plan that takes advantage of an 11-campus system wherein the institutions’ unique missions are focused to use the collective strength of the system and its institutions for the benefit of students, businesses, and the state. This effort will actively leverage PAR’s openly published common data definitions, data gathering, handling, and analysis resources to standardize meanings for metrics that predict points of student loss in the U.S. higher education ecosystem. PAR will specifically help accelerate statewide benchmarking and intervention measurement efforts.

Governed by the State Board of Higher Education, the NDUS is a unified system of higher education that includes two research universities, four regional universities, and five community colleges. They include:

Bismarck State College

Dakota College at Bottineau

Dickinson State University

Lake Region State College

Mayville State University

Minot State University

North Dakota State College of Science

Valley City State University

North Dakota State University

University of North Dakota

Williston State College

Thanks to Dr. Josh Riedy, vice provost and chief strategy officer at the University of North Dakota, and Dr. Lisa Feldner, vice chancellor for information technology and institutional research for the NDUS, for working with many North Dakota postsecondary educational stakeholders during the past year to bring this partnership to fruition.

To see a copy of the press release announcing this partnership please click here.