PAR partner Sinclair Community College featured in IHE for completion success

Sinclair Community College was featured in the June 2 issue of Inside Higher Ed for their successful efforts to turn the tide on college completion rates at the college. In the words of Paul Fain, “Few colleges have signed onto the national college completion agenda with as much vigor as Sinclair Community College. And while national graduation rates have seen only a slow inching up, Sinclair has managed a big jump.”

The college’s various completion initiatives fit into seven categories. They include teaching and learning, student engagement, K-12 partnerships, student orientation and advising, career exploration and workforce connections, streamlining the pathway to a degree and student support services.

Sinclair is a participant in the Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework, among their data initiatives. PAR provides student retention information, based on a huge amount of data points, for its more than 350 participating campuses, ranging from community colleges to research universities. For example, it helps colleges figure out what obstacles prevent students from graduating, and why. Members can compare data across institutions, too. The goal of the work is to find causation in what is most effective in student interventions, said Russ Little, the PAR Framework’s chief innovation officer, who previously worked at Sinclair.

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