PAR Framework CEO Beth Davis Featured in eCampusNews Interview

Beth PAR_stills-6
PAR Framework CEO Beth Davis

PAR Framework CEO Beth Davis was featured in an eCampusNews interview on May 7th, in which she described PAR as a resource for taking the guesswork out of student success, reflected on the value of PAR’s common data definitions, described the importance of secure, flexible data warehousing when working with big data, and shared PAR’s strategy for scale. The article was written in part to explore the idea of ‘analytics as a service”, and how Amazon Web Services has been working with us.

“PAR Framework is the only national multi-institutional lens for examining dimensions of student success from both unified and contextual perspectives,” said Beth Davis, CEO of PAR. “PAR member institutions collaborate on identifying points of student loss and to find effective practices that improve student retention in U.S. higher education.”

“We’re innovative because we’re unlocking the potential of scale,” emphasized Davis. “Using comparative data with a common language among institutions allows any institution—large or small, community or state, traditional or progressive—to crack the code on what works and what doesn’t in student success programs.”

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