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Online learning has given millions of students convenient entry points into higher education. PAR research appears in a special Learning Analytics issue of the OLC’s Online Learning peer-reviewed journal titled “Retention, Progression, and the Taking of Online Courses.”

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PAR’s own Ellen Wagner will be at HLC, presenting on the General Program Closing Panel: “The Future of Innovation and Student Success in Higher Education.”

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This paper reviews the professional research literature describing today’s post-traditional students and examines of the value of using data analytics for diagnosing risk and prescribing intervention to maximize student uccess.

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Five years ago this month we took an idea to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to test the assertion that predictive analytics could help educators understand more about student loss and momentum. We are pleased that Hobsons has acquired PAR to help us realize our full potential.

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Hobsons is proud to announce that the Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework is joining the Hobsons family of products and services.

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The University System of Maryland (USM) is adopting the PAR Framework as part of a system-wide effort to optimize investments aimed at improving student success.

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