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The PAR Framework team is pleased to announce the North Dakota University System (NDUS) and 10 of its institutions are joining the University of North Dakota (UND) as members of the PAR Framework. The decision to join PAR as a complete system comes as part of an ambitious 5-year plan that takes advantage of an…

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Sinclair Community College was featured in the June 2 issue of Inside Higher Ed for their successful efforts to turn the tide on college completion rates at the college. In the words of Paul Fain, “Few colleges have signed onto the national college completion agenda with as much vigor as Sinclair Community College. And while…

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This study replicated research conducted over several years by UMUC that had considered factors and behaviors among community college students to identify variables predicting academic success at the students’ 4-year transfer institution. The ability to apply results from one research study based on a local sample to a larger, national population has traditionally been compromised…

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Today the American Council on Education’s Center for Education Attainment and Innovation released  “Moving the Needle on Predictive Analytics,”  describing the emerging trend of predictive analytics in US postsecondary education. PAR is featured among the higher ed innovators working to improve student success with data. Per the finding of this report, the key is to transition from…

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Research by PAR Board member Dr. Peter Shea, University of Albany—SUNY,  showcased in a recent US News article. Community college students who take online courses are more likely – 25 percent more likely to be exact – to complete their two-year associate degree or some sort of certificate than students who didn’t take any online classes.…

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PAR Framework CEO Beth Davis was featured in an eCampusNews interview on May 7th, in which she described PAR as a resource for taking the guesswork out of student success, reflected on the value of PAR’s common data definitions, described the importance of secure, flexible data warehousing when working with big data, and shared PAR’s…

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